Saving the Hospital Seedlings

This hot, dry summer has been hard on the seedlings at the Forest of Hope and Healing although most of the saplings and the spruce wind break seem to be doing well. Many seedlings have been lost and we will need to re-plant in the fall. Until then there are two things you can do to help save the forest.

Filling water buckets to water seedlings

Help with weekly waterings. Thursday evenings from 7 pm to dusk bring a bucket, watering can, or just yourself to the Owen Sound Hospital near the emergency room. Any help is important so if you can't make it for the full evening, come anyway. If you are there till dusk, we often gather at Mudtown Station afterwards for a celebratory drink. We will be at the hospital even if there has been rain during the past week. If we don't need to water, we will mulch, trim the long grass, and weed. Imagine being able to one day point to the Forest of Hope and Healing and saying to your children and grandchildren, I helped to save that forest.

If you have seedlings or saplings growing in your garden, yard, woodlot or anyplace else that you

Potted seedling for planting

would normally cut down, dig it out! If you can, put it in a pot and tend it until fall to help replace the lost seedlings. If you can't tend it yourself or when September approaches, contact NeighbourWoods North and we will make arrangements to get your seedlings and saplings to add to the Forest of Hope and Healing. One day when you need the hospital, you may take a break under the very tree you provided to the Forest of Hope and Healing.

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