Forest of Hope & Healing

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Since launching the Forest Hope & Healing in April 2018 at Owen Sound Hospital, a part of Grey Bruce Health Services, we have planted over 3000 seedlings and saplings. Additionally, two benches and a plaque have been installed in the area to the west of the emergency room entrance. Unfortunately, due to a very hot and dry June and July, many seedlings were lost but replanting occurred in the early fall and the forest beginnings were saved.


In 2019, NeighbourWoods North will continue to work on this section of the Forest of Hope & Healing. It was noted that the walking paths in this area became very muddy so we are looking into Additionally, members of the steering committee are discussing other areas to be work on this year.


The completion of such a major project cannot be accomplished without help from the community, from you. Become a volunteer. Your participation in positive changes to our hospital and our community will lead to increased pride in our hospital and an enhanced community image. Click here to volunteer for this project.


For the next 10 years NeighbourWoods North will be working with the Owen Sound Hospital and the Owen Sound community to naturalize and beautify the hospital grounds. Our hospital's landscape will become more welcoming and hospitable to patients, visitors, and all community members. The hospital grounds will become an integral part of the patient and community environment, enhancing recovery for patients.

Growing a forest takes time. The Forest of Hope and Healing Project has been divided into three stages:

  • The Naturalization Stage - (years one through four) is the base for the whole project. This step involves the naturalization of the hospital grounds using trees, shrubs, grasses, and perennials.

  • The Connections Stage - (years five through seven) involves creating a healing pathway around our hospital grounds. We will be adding community art, interpretive signs, and natural seating areas to create vibrancy and invite interaction with the naturalized areas.

  • The Community Stage - (years eight through ten) involves thinking big. This step includes the creation of one or more structures for gatherings and to recognize our hospital’s history, and an enabling garden connecting the hospital and the hospice.

Click here to volunteer for this project.

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