Kelso Beach

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

White Pine
White Pine

NeighbourWoods North grew from our president's experience with urban forestry in Elora and TD Tree Days at Kelso Beach. TD Tree Days are TD's flagship volunteer and urban greening program and a part of TD's Friends of the Environment Foundation, which has been helping to green communities across Canada since 1990. Locally, TD Bank and TD Waterhouse alternate leading planting projects. In September 2017, TD Waterhouse led the initiative to plant over 150 trees at Kelso park, and NeighbourWoods North was there. Alternating Showy Mountain Ash and Apple Serviceberry now line the Eddie Sargent Parkway at Kelso. White Pines blanket the south end of the parking area towards the Syndenham River.

In August 2018, TD Bank will be leading TD Tree Days at a yet to be determined location in the area. NeighbourWoods North will be there. You too can help by volunteering with us.

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