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Future events, past accomplishments,  and future plans

Don't forget: Feast in the Field is coming up. Check it out by clicking on picture.

Past Accomplishment: A busy spring which went from snowy weather to mild spring days saw lots of planting as we replaced some seedlings and saplings at the Owen Sound Hospital that hadn't survived or infilled between those that did.   We didn't forget Kelso either as we mulched in the rain.

Past Accomplishment:  The Owen Sound Walking Group was inspired by a member who had recently moved to hold a group yard sale, the very first fundraiser for NeighbourWoods North. $1000 was raised for the trees.

Past accomplishments and invitation for the future: In March several secondary students helped NeighbourWoods North president Lloyd Lewis plant trees in the Forest of Hope and Healing.    Naturally they identified "their" trees. In April NeighbourWoods North joined forces with Hydro Forestry team members  to plant cedars on the school play yard with East Ridge's students. If you would like children or young people you are involved with through schools or activity groups to participate in tree activities, please contact  NeighbourWoods North

Future Plans: As always the weather will determine NeighbourWoods North's summer activities.  While we had a very wet spring we need rain, at least sporadically, for the Forest of Hope and Healing to continue to grow and thrive during the summer.  If you notice it begin to seem dry, check our website, Facebook page, or Twitter to find out if we will be watering. We can't always notify everyone by email in a timely manner due to changing weather conditions.  If we're watering bring your pails, watering cans, and enthusiasm to the hospital.  We usually hold watering sessions in the evening and often gather for a refreshing drink at Mudtown Station afterwards. 

In the Fall, if finances hold we'd like to do some upkeep on the Kelso planting site as well as the hospital.  A few of the trees didn't make it at Kelso and we'd like to replace them.  An email will be sent out before the fall activities.

Photo by Shelley Pauls of Unsplash.com

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