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While it is not required that you complete the contact form in order to volunteer, doing so adds you to the email list.  If you are interested in a decision-making role, please indicate this in the message area of the contact form.  Emails are infrequent but do let people know of upcoming volunteer events and what's happening at NeighbourWoods North.    If you would like to volunteer occasionally, you can also follow NeighbourWoods North on Facebook or Twitter.  


Volunteers & Covid

We are fortunate in that our work keeps us outside and amenable to working in small groups.  We do adhere to any public health guidelines and restrictions.   As Covid restrictions wane, we ask that you also keep informed about local covid restrictions. We are also lucky the hospital grounds are large enough for us to split up work crews if necessary.     You are  the best person to determine what you are comfortable with doing.   Just communicate with the volunteer leaders, especially if you are uncomfortable with anything.


If you want to avoid larger groups all together, please state this on the contact form.  We do have section leaders who may be working on days other than the published ones and we can get you in touch with an appropriae leader.

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