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2023 Planning 
Still Happening

Meetings are occuring to finalize the plans for spring 2023.  NeighbourWoods North will continue to work at the Owen Sound Hospital, with Grey County at the Administration Building, and with the city of Owen Sound but the details are still being worked out. As soon as there is definite information this will be communicated on the website, in emails to those who have subscribed, and on facebook and instagram.

In the meantime, pursue these pages to learn more about what NWN does, sign up for the infrequent but informative email newsletters, and find local nature events.

Restoring Nature with Urban Forestry

Grey County


     The first phase of naturalizing the property of the Grey County Administration building was launched by Grey County and NeighbourWoods North last year.    Volunteers and Grey County Staff planted approximately 20 trees.  Watch the video to see the excitement of everyone who participated - children and adults.   Work will continue this year with two pollinator gardens and exploring a future rain garden.  A rain garden will reduce the drainage problems prevalent in the current lawnscape, reduce water entering storm system, atttract pollinators, and are low maintainence.  Funding for this project comes from the normal operating budget, that is the current cost to maintain the expanse of lawn, and from grants.

Did You Know?


NeighbourWoods North works "behind the scenes" with businesses and local governments as well as planning and participating in planting projects.


Boulevard Tree Program

The Boulevard Tree Program of Owen Sound is not well-known.  NWN is working to change that.  This vital program  provides residents with a free tree which is planted in the boulevard in front of their home. 


Tree Cities of the World

Owen Sound became a Tree City of the World in 2021 with the encouragement of NWN.  Tree Cities of the World recognizes cities worldwide that are working to maintain their urban treescapes.


Business Tree Challange

NWN challanges local business to plant trees on their property and to off-set carbon use by contributing to tree planting initiatives.  Currently done through direct contact a challange event is being planned.


Locates completed!  Contractor hired!  Funding in place!

Locates held up building the path last year but now...

We're ready to go!

Just waiting for the ground to dry.

The Hospital Healing Path

OSFN Young Naturalist Club

Do you know a child who loves the outdoors and exploring nature? The Young Naturalists Club welcomes members aged 7 to 12 years old. Younger and older children are welcome!
The club typically meets the last Sunday of the month from September to June. Registration information:

Jody Johnson Petit, 519-370-2000,

Native Nurseries

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