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Owen Sound Hospital News

     Work is to begin on phase 1 of the Healing Path after the locates are completed.  As of late September we are still waiting for the locates so that  the excavation for the first section of the Healing Path can begin. We're still hoping to begin before the weather gets bad.  Phase 1 starts at the west entrance of 16th Avenue East and heads south to the intersection at 8th Street East, then east to the first entrance on 8th Street East.  Some describe this as the helicopter pad portion.

     The Healing Path is a 3 season (spring, summer, fall) trail system that will cater to hospital employees, patients and visitors who would like a gentle walk in a park setting.  The Owen Sound  Hospital sees over 100,000 patient visits per year from across the Grey Bruce region, and employs approximately 1100 staff and physicians.

     The goal is to create a path that can be accessible for all,  including those with mobility challenges.  So unlike the more informal mulch trails in the forest area, the Healing Path will have a firm and stable top layer of stone dust.  The trail will be 1.7 metres (5' 6") wide.

    This first phase will have four resting areas which are called pods. Each pod has a theme. Two themes have been selected to date. The Native Plant described below.  The other theme selected is one incorporating the military heritage of the area.   NeighbourWoods North welcomes other ideas of local interest for pods.


Phase 1 of the Healing Path shown in red



     Grey County with NeighbourWoods North is launching the first phase of naturalizing the property of the Administration building.  The community is invited to join in a morning of tree planting, celebrating trees & local climate action, and learning about a right relationship with the land.   The first year of the plan for the Administration property includes the planting of approximately 20 trees, two pollinator gardens, and exploring a future rain garden. Council approved the plan at a meeting earlier this year. 

     The event will take place October 15th from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Grey County head office located at 595 9th Avenue East in Owen Sound. Volunteers are invited to come out and support the planting of approximately 20 young trees while learning about Grey County’s Climate Change Action Plan, Going Green in Grey, and ways to stay involved locally. The event will open with an Indigenous teaching on the importance of stewardship and connection with the land, our local environment, and each other. Master Gardeners, who assisted in the design, will be present along with NeighbourWoods North and Owen Sound Field Naturalists. Light refreshments will be available for all who attend. Pre-registration is encouraged but not required through (link is external).  Parking is available  behind the County building at the east end of 6th Street.  

     “Nature-based solutions are key to Grey County’s Climate Change Action Plan, Going Green in Grey,” said Grey County Warden Selwyn ‘Buck’ Hicks. “The re-naturalization of this property is a small but symbolic step forward in Grey County’s commitment to climate action and meeting our greenhouse gas net-zero community target by 2050. If you’re passionate about climate action, I encourage you and your family to join us on October 15.”


Reclaiming Nature with Urban Forestry


 The Healing Path will have pods or rest areas with benches, each focused on a different theme.  One of the first pods to be built will centre on native plants.   Located along 8th street between the main entrance and the 16th Ave lights, volunteers have been busy establishing a Habitat Garden consisting of native plants.  Logs, rocks, and some decaying vegetation have been provided to attract small local wildlife.   Pollinating bees, beetles, moths, butterflies and other non-pollinating insects are enjoying the gardens. Birds, small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians have already been seen exploring the Habitat Gardens.    Signs, bird houses, bat boxes, and other items conducive to animal and insect life will be added later.

Collage Habitat Flowers.jpg
Pod Benches

Benches come in all shapes, sizes, styles, designs and materials.  With all the creative people in the Owen Sound area, we hope to be able to have some unique, beautiful, and functional benches in each of the pods throughout the Healing Path.  NeighbourWoods North will look for the funding if we get enough talented people to help out.  Take some inspiration from the photos below.  Let us know what you like.  Or design your own and send it to us.


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Naturalize County Headquarters
Speaking Engagement
berms 1(1)_edited.png
Planting on Berms at the Water Treatment Plant
Tree Cities of the World Celebration

Other News

Other Hospital Related Updates

Forest of Hope & Healing
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Welcoming Garden
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